Depression, you should be in the asylum of yoga

Thursday, 1 February 2018 (15:28 IST)
Depression is Fecula, sorrowfulness, sadness, glumness. The segregation of mind and brain, the inability to trust. Depression means a negative prospective of life. Incompetence to satisfy own. When all this happens then happiness, peace, success, even relations does not matter at all. The patient feels a melancholic state, woe around him.
If this happens seldom that is ok, but if it is a part of his daily life, then the upshot will be the disaster. At first he alienated himself with the society than with the family and at last he isolated with himself.The cause of depression can be the environment, predicament, health, inability, relations. At the first stage even a patient is not acquainted with these kinds of changes, but gradually it is shown by his nature. Often excessive irritation, anger, atheism feeling of dissolution or he may be easily diverted toward opiate.
In a friendly atmosphere, one should make him acquainted with the reality of life effectively and convince him to act pranayama. At first make a move towards “padamasana” then move toward the utterance of “OM”. By bifurcating it into two segments short and long. One should start with the long duration utterance of “O” then move a step forward to make a short to long accentuation. 
The vibration will affect his mind, brain and palate. By doing this continuously the dullness and stress of his face will be removed after a certain period of time. If this will happen, you are on the right track. Always contact an experienced yoga specialist.

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