How is your day: 11th February 2024

Sunday, 11 February 2024 (08:57 IST)
Aries:  An overseas communication brings cheerful news of a financial kind. If married some of you discuss planning a baby and domestic bliss is in abundance.

Taurus:  Those in an independent business venture may have to pump in more funds to complete a current project. Be secretive about your plans, their may be some posing as well wishers with ulterior motives in the back ground.

Gemini:  You wait for an impressive turn in your career, and the key to the Pandora's box lies in your hands. Make connections from the inside and discover your true calling, march towards it with faith.

Cancer:  Those in the advertising/media/entertainment industry sign up new and impressive contracts today. A trip overseas in this connection is also indicated. A sibling is likely to spend a fun evening with you.

Leo:  Refusing to give up your stubborn ways at work could lead to loads of unexpected trouble. If married, you decide to take help from your spouse in a work matter, full marks to you as your choice is brilliant.

Virgo:  A long-lost love is likely to get rekindled on its own, giving you a second chance to get it right this time. Work your way to success and show your feelings without too much thought or plan.

Libra: Artists/musicians get an opportunity to showcase their talents today and are likely to receive much praise and promise today. A happy event is celebrated with the family with much pomp and joy this evening.

Scorpio: Adjustments will be needed from your side to improve relationships both at work and home today. Claim responsibility and work towards your goals. Spend quality time at home this evening.

Sagittarius:  New work proposals offered to you today will be good, don't give too much importance to the financial aspect, instead give all you receive your best shot, money will increase.

Capricorn:  If in your own independent business, you plan to interact and push urgent matters. You clients and customers are all praises for you. Short work-related journeys will prove tiring if you are experiencing a health problem.

Aquarius:  Overseas travel for those in show business is likely bringing much of the limelight and recognition desired. But be honest in your dealings and intentions or goodwill in the future may suffer.

Pisces:- Those of you interested in selling property may get one good offer not as lucrative as you desire but nevertheless promising good money. Do not allow for the ready interference of a relative and trust yourself.

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