How is your day: 19th May 2024

Sunday, 19 May 2024 (09:31 IST)
Aries: You learn to strike a balance and give all areas of your life their due importance. Purchasing a new home/ car is indicated and expenditures could be high, but well worth it. Health improves for most. 

Taurus: Hectic, stressful and happy are times ahead. Travel is frequent, and if you are offered a prestigious project that may require you to have a home away from home, and you are urged to take a leap of faith, and forge ahead.

Gemini:  If wanting to start anew and afresh in the stone/jewellery business, you communicate your interests to big business houses, wait for a sanction of an important loan.

Cancer: Work is routine and you desire it to be more challenging. If employed, you are hoping you are assigned ventures that can showcase your talents. Slow and easy, don't rush the process.

Leo: A medical opinion is a wise choice, finances for some are still tight, and suggestions on saving will be bright, apply them, and enjoy the benefits. 

Virgo:  All and more as much as you desire, as you possess the Midas touch today. Making the most of it may require aggressive action. Let complacency be an issue of the past and forge ahead with confidence.

Libra: Those in the business, plan to diversify into something that has been a recurrent thought/idea in your mind. A close pal/associate is more than full of suggestions. 

Scorpio: Short term investments that you are thinking of may be wise but still need weighing pros and cons. Those dealing in clothes indulge in a grand exhibition, sales and success at the end of it all. 

Sagittarius: Be generous! Move on in every sphere of your life and you will discover relief and be able to focus at your goals more clearly.

Capricorn: Even though the ball is in your court, you are suspicious and likely to feel cornered. High-level meetings will mean clinching deals and more money.

Aquarius: Travel indicated as sudden work in your chosen field demands it. Today, you try to make it pleasurable by asking your mate to come along with you and eventually have a good time.

Pices: An event at home keeps you busy and on your toes today as you play perfect host, making sure all are comfortable and feel a sense of mental peace.

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