How is your day : 22nd May 2024

Wednesday, 22 May 2024 (09:21 IST)
Aries: Work is plenty and although you had planned a day trip, cancellations are probable today, delegate responsibility if possible and follow your heart, money owed to you is delayed so its best you be patient.

Taurus: Love life and all the problems you have been facing end as you decide to face the truth and set those you don't love free, a shopping spree is enjoyable and helps you relax. Health remains good.

Gemini:  In a party mood as always and ready to celebrate a happy event at home today is indicated, some of you pack your bags all ready to travel and take a break. Enjoy you deserve it! Health improves.

Cancer: The employed are busier than ever with little or no choice when it comes to assignments over assignments today. Team effort and compatibility with colleagues will make things easier.

Leo: Action at work /business is taken by you after much thought and consideration as you find yourself in tricky situations that are both challenging yet chaotic.

Virgo:  Health improves and you manage to have the energy to go in the right directions. However take it easy when it comes to outside food and drink. 

Libra: If you owe money to others, your own channels of abundance can be blocked today. Make sure you make the right choices and sort out messes of any kind.

Scorpio: If creatively inclined, new proposals are good, although it could include long hours and a sleepless night. Take care of your well being. Cheers!

Sagittarius: October In your chosen field of work you realize your potential and tap it successfully. Health may still need attention so a second medical opinion is good.

Capricorn: Back to the grind or making sure that your contribution at work is sincere will definitely bring in personal power and a feeling of well being.

Aquarius: Stress and tensions for you strain as you feel unappreciated and taken for granted at work. Have more faith in your abilities and the universe will back you up.

Pices: Long meaningless relationships end and you feel at a loose end. Remember, all well that ends well. Things look up very soon.

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