How is your day: 23rd February 2024

Friday, 23 February 2024 (09:26 IST)
Aries:  The married face in law interference and may seriously plan on moving home especially if in a joint family set up, your spouse could be skeptical at first but will yield as tensions grow, work wise a slow day overall.

Taurus:  Adventurous and unpredictable, you do a number on many today sometimes in jest and other times to get your point across, as work you feel needs more focus and some taking you for granted needing a jolt.

Gemini:  Funds you need come to you easily today and using them wisely you feel needs a meeting with associates at work this afternoon, results are good and promising.

Cancer:  Finances need your urgent attention today as losing money or the mismanagement of it will cost you a lot, professional help at this juncture will open the windows and doors to flaws overlooked.

Leo:  Obstacles are unnecessary and how you handle them important, make things go your way coming from can eviction and if it doesn't work, take help that will be offered. Love life is as colorful as ever.

Virgo:  Travel for business cum pleasure is profitable and prove to be a major breakthrough in your search for new beginnings at work, money inflow increases. enjoy splurging this evening amongst loved ones.

Libra: A chance encounter with like minded folk today helps you come up with a plan for a new business venture, funds could be an issue that will sort itself out, forge ahead with confidence.

Scorpio: Creatively inclined and lacking inspiration today could be the result of pressure and stress, take time off to recharge, indulge in hobbies. If married ,a legal separation indicated.

Sagittarius:  You make sure you keep yourself busy and unavailable today as you choose to avoid trivia and focus on your dreams and goals at work, health problems need attention, a visit to the doctor advised this evening.

Capricorn:  Work wise certain risks are necessary to take, conviction and blind leap of faith works well and you work wonders. Enjoy.

Aquarius:  Resentments may come in the way of progress. Be practical and generous when it comes to others. Allow past misunderstandings to rest and start anew. Your work is appreciated and finances improve.

Pisces:- Work pressures increase and you put in more effort, ask for more assistance and get organized. Finances are key, as you will invest more into a current project. Success is assured.

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