How is your day: 24th June 2024

Monday, 24 June 2024 (09:26 IST)
Aries Clinching deals are vital and you push business interests making sure you are moving towards the plan to create a niche for yourself in your chosen field. 
Taurus : Your instincts can see through and through. Tolerant and patient, you await what you truly desire, also being open to nothing, for you that is life, your motto being you lose some, you win some. 
Gemini : Independent and strong you take leaps into the unknown at work, success is slow, however you are determined to prove to yourself that you can get optimum results in a current project that needs your attention. 

Cancer : Peace at last? Create it, spread it, you are responsible for creating your own environment and getting the most of it., government and tax related matters need looking into and executing. 
Leo : Order comes from a clean and clear mind. Make sure your thoughts are happy and you wish all well, keeping resentments and envy out. Your personal life will rise and shine, at work a late evening is indicated. 
Virgo Unpredictable and uneasy comes from being unsure where your heading, drop control and know that all that you seek is within you, and a stones throw away. Start with an honest intention. 
Libra Work sorts itself out as you follow your hunches blindly and create waves, action oriented plans follow suit, money owed is further delayed, make those important calls and get assertive, health improves considerably.
Scorpio : Short cuts and manipulations have their temporary results, however you will fall into trouble if you do not mend your ways, look at long term results, love life is under a cloud, infuse space and freedom.
Sagittarius : On top of the world and going places in every area of your life is you today; make the most of the Midas touch as luck is yours.
Capricorn : Fool as many as you like, today ask your heart what you need to be, to do in order to achieve your dream goals both professionally as well as in your personal, time waits for nobody.
Aquarius : The fear of losing ground cannot arise. A meaningless flirtation ends abruptly. You pick up your self-respect and walk towards greener pastures. Let your winning strategy be your calm, cool way of being. 
Pisces : Give up the games/manipulations at work on the other side waits wealth and wisdom. Some of you need to guard your frank speech and brash ways may get you into trouble today with people you care for. 

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