How is your day: 27th February 2024

Tuesday, 27 February 2024 (09:21 IST)
Aries: It's a fairly routine day, but improved powers of concentration will enable you to accomplish a bit more than usual. Things settle down nicely today.

Taurus:  Today's business developments give you cause to be happy. You may go out celebrating with a close companion tonight. Ups and downs are likely to bother you.
Gemini:  Watch extravagant moods and desires. Either you or others may be tempted to go overboard in spending. Apply tough sanctions and consequences to an offender.

Cancer:  You may be dealing with a person who's opinionated, but otherwise it's a good day for travel, academics, and trips.

Leo: Too many minor distractions to cope with today, including a sensitive person who exaggerates. Be patient in your efforts.

Virgo: The morning focuses on job, health and appearance. Light-hearted leisure is favored, if you avoid being bossy with a love tie.

Libra: A talk with a family member leads to a better understanding of each other's needs. You'll be busy putting the finishing touches on a special project.

Scorpio: An inclination to withdraw into you can cause problems with close ties. Leave open the door of communication.

Sagittarius: Money inflow is good. Short-term ventures accrue quick benefits. Speculation is a happy option today. Get down to work. Do a brilliant job.

Capricorn: You'll be excited about a promising business opportunity, but this is not a good day to push your luck. Be patient and bide your time.

Aquarius: Go, have some fun on this great day for leisure and romance. However, take care not to go overboard in your use of credit.

Pisces:- You'll have a strong need to do your own thing. But you shouldn't keep others in the dark about your plans.

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