After Aamir Khan, R Madhavan tests positive for COVID-19

Thursday, 25 March 2021 (14:36 IST)
New Delhi: Actor R Madhavan has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, the actor tweeted on Thursday.

Earlier on Wednesday, actor Aamir Khan had also tested positive for the virus, so R Madhavan decided to share the news of him contracting covid-19 in a creative way and shared a hilarious post stating about his well being and said that he is recuperating well form the virus along with a photo of him with Aamir Khan form the movie 3 idiots.

Referring to his character in the movie 3 idiots, the actor tweeted “Farhan HAS to follow Rancho and Virus has always been after us BUT this time he bloody caught up. BUT-ALL IS WELL and the Covid will be in the Well soon. Though this is one place we don’t want Raju in. Thank you for all the love, I am recuperating well.” (UNI)

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