This Docu-series delves into India's rich cultural heritage and jaw dropping resilience

Friday, 29 December 2023 (13:24 IST)
History TV18’s award-winning docuseries, India: Marvels & Mysteries returns in a brand new season, with noted Indophile and acclaimed author, William Dalrymple. The quest to uncover forgotten facts, revisit centuries-old stories lost to time, begins anew. The show explores historical sites, revisits cold trails and shines the light on unanswered questions about India’s incredible past and her many wonders, like never before.

It also offers new perspectives on mighty empires, characters from Indian history, our ancestors, and their knowledge of complex phenomena. The series comprises half-hour thematic episodes, each with multiple stories that traverse the length and breadth of India, spanning millennia. India: Marvels & Mysteries with William Dalrymple starts on the 4th January, 2024 with new episodes every Thursday and Friday at 9 PM, exclusively on History TV18.

The show will take audiences on an immersive exploration of India. Each episode in the seven-part series promises an unforgettable experience. Dramatic recreations with actors in period costumes bring to life amazing stories and untold histories behind India’s enigmatic structures - from jaw-dropping marvels and celebrated monuments to relatively little-known sites, across dynasties and periods. The stories engage, inform and entertain, with brilliant visuals filmed all over the country, illustrative graphics and archival images.

The fact-rich storytelling strives to distinguish between legend and legacy, supported by a stellar cast of expert commentators, led by historian and world-famous author, William Dalrymple. The show’s ambition is to transport a new generation of viewers into the richness and diversity of India’s past, inspiring a renewed appreciation for the sites, structures and marvels that are India’s incredible heritage.

Speaking ahead of the show’s launch, William Dalrymple commented, "History provides a road map by which we can understand where we stand in the present and how we got here. Without it we are lost. It was a huge pleasure to work with HistoryTV18 on this beautifully shot series and I can't wait to hear people's astonished reactions to some of the forgotten treasures we've dug up."

Travelling across the country, the show gives an account of some of the country’s grandest architectural wonders, as well as of historical locations whose past is shrouded in mystery. Expert insights provide the context and the modern-day significance of each story and the historical figures in them, while the dramatizations are sure to keep audiences engaged.

Speaking about the docuseries Arun Thapar, President - Content & Communication, AETN18 says,"We are absolutely thrilled to have Mr. William Dalrymple on the show. His perspectives and insights have been invaluable. Our association with a writer of  Mr. Dalrymple’s calibre and renown, epitomises HistoryTV18’s commitment to great storytelling and world class content produced in India.

The show promises a wondrous trip through time, in what is possibly the oldest and most diverse country in the world, whose enduring legacy has been shaped by the confluence of cultures, know-how, and artistic traditions. From India’s temples and forts to entire medieval cities and even structures from prehistory, the show packs in a lot.

Temples for instance have played a central role in the cultural, social, religious and economic life of communities and regions across India, for all of recorded history. The series makes some noteworthy inclusions. The grandeur and complexity of some of these sacred structures is a testament to their significance. It also points to the surprising level of knowledge that existed in the ancient times in which these were built. The show explores what is known and more interestingly, what is not.

Prepare to be enthralled by the ethereal beauty of the Chaturmukh Jain Temple at Ranakpur, an unrivalled architectural marvel adorned with over a thousand pillars and sculptures. Witness the stunning collection of sculptures from the 16th and 17th centuries in a little-known temple in Thirukurungudi, Tamil Nadu. Be transported to the world’s largest monolithic structure crafted from a hill to create a temple. Experience the mystical power of Gods carved into in rock face in remote Tripura. All this and a lot more is on offer in HistoryTV18’s one-of-a-kind original series.  

Enter the world of two of India’s charismatic women rulers and the iconic structures they built - Rani Udaymati’s stepwell in Gujarat and the elegant mausoleum built by Mughal Empress Noor Jahan.

Time travel to mighty Mewar, with its warrior king and its exceptional citadel and then further south into the Deccan under a tyrant, to encounter tales of tragedy and horror that serve as reminders of the murderous ways of medieval times. Visit Bijapur, once seat of a surprising sultan and home to one of the world's largest domes. Pass through the highest gateway and lose yourself in the tales of two medieval cities. These were once the crown jewels of the dynasties they served, but now they are abandoned and part of world heritage. Venture into the unknown to unearth the stories behind mysterious Hire Bennakal and Narthiang, whose origins have been lost to time and whose secrets may endure forever.

The seven-part documentary series promises viewers an unparalleled experience. Merging re-enactments, authentic storytelling, an exploration of legends and popular narratives, along with an examination of known facts, the show breathes new life into historic places, as never before.

Arun Thapar adds, "India: Marvels and Mysteries with William Dalrymple is a selection of compelling stories about the creative genius of ancient and medieval India, her great wealth of knowledge and the many wonders that have endured into the present. The show delves into history across empires and dynasties, peopled with remarkable characters who played a part in shaping the story of India.”  

India: Marvels and Mysteries, Premieres 4th January 2024, 9 PM,
Every Thursday-Friday, only on History TV18

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