Bigg Boss OTT: Akshara Singh tell Zeeshan “Don’t become my father”

Sunday, 22 August 2021 (14:17 IST)
Akshara Singh is in the limelight ever since the show went on the platform. Whether it’s for food or household duties, she has fought with co-housemates on pity matters. Just yesterday, Akshara had the ugliest fight with the boss man, Zeeshan Khan when she was asked to clean up her mess in the bathroom area. She got furious and responded, ‘Don’t try to be become my father’. Isn’t it shocking?

Akshara Singh further lost her cool which further got into an very ugly argument. She was screaming at Zeeshan while asking him to stay out of her private space and not be bossy during his captainship. Akshara went out of control and pushed Zeeshan away in the argument.

All Zeeshan was asking her was to keep the boxes of clothes and that area clean. Too much to ask for? Do you think Zeeshan was right to maintain hygiene in the house? Or was Akshara right in reacting the way she did?

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