Jacqueline Fernandez spills some beans on her home workout, Check it out!

Monday, 23 March 2020 (20:23 IST)
Mumbai:It’s no secret that Jacqueline Fernandez is one of fittest in the industry and loves doing things the old school way, on of the preferred workouts being yoga. Yoga is one of the exercises that has gained it momentum for the numerous benefits it gives to the body. Recently, the actress had also shared a post as she performed Suryanamaskar. 
Jacqueline tells us how Suryanamaskar is a boon and says, "At home, I only do 120Suryanamaskars because it burns a sweat. It’ll take that good half an hour to do them all and at the same time, the body gets refreshed and energised."
The actress comments on formulating the inner charts and further adds, "So, mainly yoga is great because you can do it at home and a lot of stetching. If you have like foam rollers, its great to massage the muscles and stuff as well."
Adding onto the list of what all exercises benefit Jacqueline's body the most, she says, "I will probably say Yoga is one of the best exercises."
Expressing her thoughts on the preferring interval training, Jacqueline adds, "No, I am not a huge fan of interval training. I just prefer doing a few more relaxing things."
Sharing an advice for the citizens during this pandemic situation to workout at home, Jacqueline says, " I think, the best exercise that doesn't require any weights or any kind of equipment would be yoga"
Truly, Jacqueline has shared all the secrets for being fit all along and we cannot agree more! One of the things that set Jacqueline apart from everyone else is how the actress is extremely relatable on every ‘talk of life’ she talks on. This is what makes all the spotlight shine on her.
On the work from, Jacqueline will be seen next in Mrs. Serial Killer, which also marks her digital debut.

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