Lip lock in the backdrop of Maheshwar & Love Jihad, This (Video) of 'A Suitable boy' has sparked controversy

Monday, 23 November 2020 (14:19 IST)
In between enforcing the law on Love-Jihad in Madhya Pradesh, Mira Nair’s new series on the OTT platform Netflix seems to be falling into the pothole of controversies. The miniseries adapted from Vikram Seth’s novel written in 1951 in north India with the same name has been accused of promoting Love-Jihad and inciting Hindu sentiments.
An FIR has been filed against a scene shot in Rewa in Madhya Pradesh. A member of the BJP Yuva Morcha in Rewa, Gaurav Tiwari has accused the series to be hurting the sentiments of the Hindu community. He says the kissing scenes have been deliberately filmed in the temple premises, promoting Love-Jihad on the ghats of Maheshwar.
Meanwhile, Narottam Mishra said, “I did not find anything suitable in this. A kissing scene being filmed inside our temples with lord Ram’s tunes in the background, I don’t think that’s right; there are other places to do that. Also, both the people were of different castes, and when a guy belonging to Muslim community kisses a Hindu girl in a temple, I ask why to even do it!”
He added, “If anything that hurts the sentiments of others then why to do it in the first place. It’d be better if it is avoided but if it’s not being done so, I believe it’s wrong. When it used to happen, it was a different time.”
Indicating of taking an action against the film, Narottam Mishra said that he has called a meeting of the Law Department and the Home Department and they will consider what can be done about it legally.(WD)

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