‘The Tenant’: Shamita Shetty hopes for positive change in society for women

Friday, 10 February 2023 (12:40 IST)
New Delhi: Returning to the silver screen after quite a hiatus, Shamita Shetty marks her return to the theatres with ‘The Tenant’— a strong, impactful story of a single, independent woman.
As the film released on Friday, Shamita pours her heart out in a social media post urging her fans to watch the film.
With pictures that offer glimpses into the film, Shamita wrote, "A film that I'm so proud off. A story that needs to be told for all women out there who have been time and again subjected to Patriarchy, lack of privacy, sexism or constant judgement for what they wear or just how they are !!!!”

“The journey of Meera in The Tenant is especially close to my heart having been subjected to a lot of constant judgement in my life.. very few wanted to understand my story but were constantly so quick to judge,” she said.

“Here’s hoping for a positive change in our society, one that will let our women live their lives unapologetic, persuing their dreams with courage for a life they wanto live.. afraid of nothing!! THE TENANT is finally OUT IN CINEMAS NEAR YOU My beautiful tribe.. go watch it,” added Shamita.

Shouldering the film and driving the narrative solely, Shamita is not only returning to the silver screen with ‘The Tenant’ but also delivers a female-centric, contemporary narrative stirring conversation in the society.
Mirroring the prevailing prejudices and judgements of the society towards modern, single woman, Shamita highlights the struggles of womankind in conservative Indian environment. (UNI)

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