Unmarried at 50, Actress Shamita Shetty schooled a troll for age shaming her

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Saturday, 24 February 2024 (12:42 IST)
Actress Shamita Shetty, sister of Shipla Shetty schooled a troll for age Shaming her on photo sharing app Instagram. A woman termed Shamita Shetty as an unmarried old lady without men. The lady also mentioned that 50 years have been passed and their is no man in the life of the actress To which Shamita Shetty shared a screenshot and wrote a long note in a counter punch.

The 50 year old actress wrote "I want to take time out to respond to this very kind lady trying to put another woman down for not being married. Kudo to you FYI, mission unsuccessful."

"Getting married in life is not my only purpose in life! is not my only purpose in life! Being happy and content and independent in life with gratitude in my heart is wishing u a lot positivity in your life and hope u never try to pull another woman down again!
If u have nothing nice to say to people, best to just keep quiet!

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