Bust Depression with "I Have Never Been (un) Happier"

“Just Like your fingerprints is a unique identity, So is your pain. In other words, you can buy happiness from anywhere, but your sadness is made exclusively for you, it is your own. "
The above lines are carved by a girl named Shaheen Bhatt. People currently know Shaheen as the daughter of Mahesh Bhatt and sister of Alia Bhatt, but the book she has written recently will have a different identity of her own. This can be depicted from the above-mentioned lines.
She is currently hogging limelights because of a book based on depression that which is becoming a bestseller Thanks to the content.
In this environment, people are all more or less victims of depression. But we prefer to bury it deep beneath in our heart. In such a situation, Shaheen's book speaks openly by using the author (Shaheen) as an example. As Shaheen has been suffering from depression for as long as 17 years. She battled the pain, loneliness, and stress with great reverence.
After she comes out of struggling phase she can describe depression thoroughly. Nobody wants to share negative feelings and thoughts in this era, because this is what we have been taught from the beginning, but Shaheen breaks this stereotype in her book 'I've Never Been (Un) Happier'. She describes how to face the disease that breaks itself with courage.
The book begins with the onset of depression and its symptoms. She gives facts about how we fail to know about our own or close relatives being a victim of depression. Shaheen feels deeply about the pain and tension within her and she has also managed to pen down the pain into the book.
This book, written in the form of autobiography, is a topic of discussion from Bollywood to literature.  Bollywood stars are often victims of depression, Deepika Padukone has also expressed her opinion on depression. Shaheen's book is like finding a light in the disease of depression, even those who do not have depression or who do not know depression should read this book of Shaheen.
Name: I Have Never Been (un) Happier
Author: Shaheen Bhatt
Price: 250 rupees
Publisher: Penguin Book India

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