The Ayurvedic medicine formulated by Anandaiah to cure corona was mentioned in the book 159 years ago

Tuesday, 25 May 2021 (10:28 IST)
Ayurvedic medicines have been quite popular in India to cure many ailments. For Corona. Allopathic medicines are being used, but the results have been mixed. Many patients infected with the nCOV ultimately succumbed. However, Bonigi Anandaiah from the Nellore district proved that Ayurveda works well to neutralize CoronaVirus.
Patients are also telling that the medicine is effective. The AP government has also given a nod to distribute the medicine. Within a day stopped for various reasons.
The question arises, how do Anandaiah know the 18 types of herbs? How Anandaiah was able to find the medicine for the deadly corona?
Surprisingly, the herbs currently used by Anandaiah and their details were mentioned in book written159 years ago.This was revealed recently.
The book has a total of 18 types of herbs like black jaggery, honey, yellow camphor, white pepper, herbs of neem, black plum, devara vonage and other herbs. Anandaiah is forming this medicine using all the herbs as in the book. However, research on this drug is currently underway.

The news of ayurvedic medicine spread like a wild fire and 1000 throng at village last week
Earlier, The tiny village Krishnapatnam of Muttukuru Mandal in Nellore district hit the headlines in overnight as thousands of Coronavirus patients rushed there to get Ayurvedic medicine, formulated by an Ayurveda expert Bonigi Anandaiah.
Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy reviewed with the officials on the Krishnapatnam Ayurvedic medicine.Mr Reddy ordered for a comprehensive study on the scientific authenticity of the Ayurvedic medicine by the ICMR officials and health officials.
As the news of Ayurvedic medicine, being given by B Anandaiah, was curing the Coronavirus effectively, thousands of patients and their attendants rushed to the village last week.
Hundreds of vehicles and ambulances were seen stranded on the road, leading to the village for about two kilometres. However, the medicine was distributed to only some patients.
Mr Anandaiah claimed that he is giving the above mentioned medicine to the patients at free of cost.
As the news spread like wildfire that Ayurvedic medicine is working effectively, thousands of patients from AP, Tamil Nadu and Telangana states rushed to the village. Initially, the officials did not permit the distribution of the medicine. However, with the intervention of ruling party MLA Kakani Govardhan Reddy, arrangements were made to distribute the medicine last week.
Minister for Health Alla Kalikrishna Srinivas told media that the Chief Minister ordered for a study on the efficacy and scientific authenticity of the medicine.The government later decided to send medical teams to the village to conduct a study on the Ayurvedic medicine formulated by Anandaiah.

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