Germany: Refugee secretly traveling under bus falls onto highway


Monday, 13 May 2024 (12:42 IST)
Two refugees traveling secretly underneath a coach were discovered as one of them fell onto a motorway in the southern German state of Bavaria on Sunday.
Both of them only suffered minor injuries, said the police.
One of the men fell in front of a woman driving on the A99 highway in the district of Ebersberg. She managed to brake and avoid running him over.
The coach driver was alerted by her honking, and stopped soon near the town of Vaterstetten. The second man then emerged from under the vehicle.
Two 26-year-olds from Morocco, say police
The two men were asylum seekers from Morocco, said the police. They informed authorities they were both 26 years old.
Authorities believed they were travelling near the exhaust system of the bus, as they were both covered in soot. They had suffered abrasions and were taken to the nearby hospital.

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