Israel-Hamas war: 'We are with you': Joe Biden marks 100 days in captivity for Hamas hostages in Gaza


Monday, 15 January 2024 (10:55 IST)
US President Joe Biden issued a statement marking 100 days of captivity for the more than 130 people, including up to 6 Americans, still held hostage by Hamas in Gaza.
Biden said that for each of those 100 days, the hostages and their families have been at the forefront of his mind, and his national security team and he have worked nonstop to try to secure their freedom.
"On this terrible day, I again reaffirm my pledge to all the hostages and their families—we are with you. We will never stop working to bring Americans home," Biden said.
However, Republican Senator Senator Rick Scott slammed President Biden for allowing "innocent Americans, Israelis and others to hit the 100-day mark as hostages in Gaza."
Scott criticized "Biden’s unprecedented weakness" and accused him of funneling "American tax dollars to the Palestinian Authority which is paying terrorists and sending money to Gaza which only helps Hamas."
Meanwhile, Hamas broadcast a video of three Israeli hostages it is holding in the Gaza Strip. The hostages urged their government to stop the offensive against the Palestinian Islamist group and secure their release.
Hamas is designated as a terrorist group by the US, Germany and several other countries. Israel has described videos released of hostages as Hamas propaganda. 

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