Russia-Ukraine updates: Kyiv hit by kamikaze drones, says Ukraine presidential office

Monday, 17 October 2022 (11:19 IST)
Kyiv has been struck by kamikaze drones, the head of Ukraine's presidential office said early on Monday. Mayor Vitali Klitschko confirmed the report on Telegram.

Klitschko added that several residential buildings had been damaged and that rescuers were on their way to the site.

According to witnesses, two or three blasts hit the central Shevchenkivskiy district, which was also rocked by explosions last week.

DW correspondent Fanny Fascar reported "several" explosions, saying there was a noise "that appeared to be the sound of a drone."

Fascar also confirmed reports of more blasts about an hour later.

Shevchenkivskiy is a busy area with universities, bars, and restaurants. Last week's strikes were seen as retaliation for a blast on a bridge linking mainland Russia to Crimea.

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