Hyderabad doctors implant prosthetic testis to youth

Monday, 7 February 2022 (15:03 IST)
Hyderabad: Doctors at KIMS hospital in the city have implanted prosthetic testis to a youth after his left testis came to a dead state, due to genetic reasons in his younger days.

This prosthetic testis, which is made of silicon, gave the patient a lot of relief psychologically, the hospital said in a release here on Sunday.

KIMS Hospital Urologist Consultant Dr Navuluru Upendra Kumar, while explaining the case details and the surgical procedure they performed said, "an 18-year-old boy had recently approached the hospital with severe pain in his left testicles some four years ago. On testing, we came to know that the left testis was twisted and due to loss of blood supply, it came to a dead state, he said as the dead testis pose danger to the right one, we have removed the dead left testis and advised the young boy to come for the follow-up after a year."

"But the youth couldn't come again due to the COVID pandemic and now, he is fully grown up and is at the age of 23, worrying about his marital life," Dr Kumar said.

"The youth came to KIMS hospital once again recently and we have decided to implant a prosthetic testis, made of silicon, the Urologist said. One in a thousand will have such a problem, where their testis may get damaged. Testis gets twisted due to genetic reasons. In such cases, the blood supply to the testis will stop, and they will get severe pain," the doctor said.

"He said they usually give some antibiotics for a week to treat the swelling but it will give temporary relief and the problem will reoccur. If the patient visits any urologist within 4 to 6 hours of getting pain, they can restore the blood supply and save the testis. If they come late, there is no other way than removing the dead testis, he stated. In this case, the Youth also approached the hospital late and after the implant a prosthetic testis, the youth will not have any problems with his marital life in future as his second testis is safe."

"He will have a normal family life and fertility too. The silicone material will not cause any kind of infection. They are available for a long period, but most of the doctors are not using this. Patients will get a lot of relief," Dr Upendra Kumar added. (UNI)

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