Stay-at home-fitness? Ira Trivedi’s Ira Yoga goes online and offers a live yoga studio experience

Sunday, 29 March 2020 (16:27 IST)
Ira Trivedi, the world renowned book author and Yoga teacher aims to teach yoga to as many people as possible and launched an app called Ira Yoga. While the Ira Yoga app has recorded modules, due to shutdown of Ira Yoga classes across cities in light of the corona virus, Ira has moved online to offer her student base options.

Ira quickly realised how effective online yoga was, and how it would almost 100 percent replicate the real experience.

Talking more about the same, Ira shares, “As soon as corona hit and gyms were shut down, we got online on zoom. I had the tech capabilities Because of my app, and we quickly geared up to do live, interactive yoga classes online. We tried to recreate an in-class experience through sound therapy, personal instructions, and interaction with students. It’s going great so far and for our yogis this has been a very positive experience so far.”

Vishal Singh, former secretary of Jharkhand Government who is signing in from Ranchi said that online classes have made him more regular than ever before.

Neha Sharma, who is a stay at home mom shares, “Virtual yoga classes have helped me set my routine, which had gone berserk because of the lock-down. I was gaining weight, eating too much, and being very inactive. The virtual classes with Ira and the wonderful Ira Yoga team of teachers has helped me to wake up every day and start a practice. I’ve developed a yoga habit during the lockdown!”

Ira Yoga offers 10 classes for 3000 and monthly classes for 3500. All teachers sign in via zoom.

Ira has been taking classes all week and Ira Yoga is now looking to expand into evening classes as well. Indians from all over the world are signing up for these classes.

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