When Krishna waged war with Shiva

Krishna had many divine weapons (Divyastra) with him, but it was “Sudarshana Chakra” which had truly made him invincible. Legend has it that Parshurama had gifted this Chakra to him. Krishna already had “ Pashupatastra” and he was well aware of all crafty methods to use it. Only Shiva and Arjuna had “Pashupatastra” besides Krishna. He also had “ Prusvapastra”, which was with Shiva, Vasugana and Bhishma only besides Krishna. As the legend goes, Krihna had also used Vaishnav Jwar (fever) against the Maheshwar Jwar of that of Banasura and Lord Shiva himself during a battle between two in Asam. This can also be called the first “Bacteria War.”

But why Shiva and Krishna found themselves in this fierce war against each other? The story goes that Aniruddha, the grandson of Krishna and son of Pradyumna, had married Usha, who was the daughter of King Vanasura of Shonitpura. Aniruddha was attracted towards Usha and she also had shared the same feeling for him. But Vanasura had different ideas. He had never liked this relationship. So when Aniruddha abducted Usha, Vanasura didn’t appreciate it a wee-bit and had Aniruddha arrested. Vanasura was blessed by Lord Shiva, therefore when Krishna came forward to fight for his grandson, he found Lord Shiva himself against him. The devtas had to intervene eventually and stopped what would have proved to be a lethal war between these two supreme powers.

The arsenal of Krishna

Krishna was well versed in “sixty-four crafts”. He was also a trained wrestler and nobody could beat him in archery either. He had many arms and ammunition in his arsenal. His bow was famously called “Sarang”. His conch-shell is celebrated by name of “Panchjanya”. He also had arms called “Nandak” and “Kaumoudaki” in his arsenal. His two chariots were called “Jaitra” and “Garudhadhwaja”. His charioteer was called Daruk and his horses were Shaivya, Sugriva, Meghapushpa and Balahaka.

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