Kangra temples will be plastic free; Real flowers will replace plastic flowers

Sunday, 4 June 2023 (18:10 IST)
Dharamshala: Kangra district administration is going to take an important initiative to make the temples of the area plastic free. The administration will launch the 'Plastic Free Temple' project in the district.
Under this project, plastic flowers kept in temples will be replaced with real flowers. District Magistrate Dr. Nipun Jindal will inaugurate the 'Plastic Free Temple' project on the occasion of World Environment Day on June 5 at 11.30 am from Shri Chamunda Mata Mandir.
The initiative is an effort to avoid using plastic material within the temple premises and promote the use of natural alternatives. Also dedicated to creating an eco-friendly environment within the temples, reducing the negative effects of plastic and further strengthening the commitment to environmental protection.
Dr. Nipun Jindal told that in recent years, the issue of plastic pollution has raised worldwide concerns and the harmful effects of plastic waste on the environment have become increasingly apparent. The Kangra District Administration recognizes the urgency of addressing this issue.
He said plastic flowers, which are often used as decorations in temples, among others, contribute to the growing problem of plastic waste. By replacing these artificial flowers with real flowers, the administration is striving to promote sustainable practices and create an eco-friendly and clean environment inside the temples. (UNI)

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