Call to stop Indian serial "Crime Patrol" after killing of Bangladeshi child Ayat

Friday, 2 December 2022 (15:24 IST)
Dhaka: After watching the popular Indian TV crime serial "Crime Patrol", there has been a storm of discussion on social media including Facebook in Bangladesh about the planned killing of 5-year-old child Ayat in Chittagong.

The child was missing since November 15. Recently, the police recovered the body of the child in a sack.

The reaction of 19-year-old Abir after being arrested by the police or the arrogance he showed seemed to be the effect of this serial. Because that serial shows how to plan to kill, how to hide the body. How to hide the evidence and make yourself innocent.

Abir also learns from the serial and admits that he did not leave any evidence of the murder. The police cannot do anything even if they want to. That is, there is no sense of crime in his psyche. He is no longer himself. Abir has become a resident of an unreal world. There are more news in Bangladesh of killings after watching the same serial.

Bangladeshi online activist and columnist Leena Parveen said in her response that the manner in which 5-year-old child Ayat was murdered following the Crime Patrol serial has surprised the world.

I'm just getting excited as I read. He has been planning the kidnapping for a long time. He managed to do it successfully but could not handle it. Due to Ayat's screams and search around, he killed Ayat and stuffed him into a sack. He brought the body to his house. And later sent the victim’s mother and sister Ayat's body and cut the body into pieces. Can you imagine a 19-year-old boy learned from where? The response is by Leena Parveen.

This Indian serial is very popular in our country as well. I read a lot of discussion online about its impact in India. These serials incite crime instead of actually teaching crime prevention. Things are portrayed in such a way that it is not impossible for a human brain to change. Although made in the light of true events, the impact of such crime serials is falling negatively on the society. Its effects are particularly severe among young people. There have been many studies on this.

A 2006 research report suggests that the influence of crime serials has a particular effect on the rise of juvenile delinquency because they often misunderstand or misunderstand what is shown in the serials. A 2017 paper by Abdullah says that these serials cause behavioral changes in people that are negative. A UNESCO report of 1997 also said similar things, Leena Parveen was saying.

It is to be noted that a 19-year-old boy named Abir Ali kidnapped and killed a 5-year-old boy named Ayat in Chittagong and cut him into six pieces at the sluice gate. The child had been missing since November 15. What a beautiful face. Now the World Cup festival is going on in the country and the picture of Ayat that has been published in the media is also wearing the jersey of the Argentina team.

In her response, Leena Parveen said that a 19-year-old boy picked up a 5-year-old child and planned to kill her in cold blood. This boy's family had been renting Ayat's father's house for many years. It is known that they had a family-like relationship. Ayat used to address Abir as uncle. Due to the decision of his parents to separate, Abir Ali lived in a different house with his mother, but his father lived in Ayat's house. Abir used to come and go often.

Leena Parveen said, "Ayat's murder style and Abir's simple and brave confession will surely teach us to think anew. There is no shortage of crime in our country. Law enforcement forces are struggling to deal with many types of crimes. Murders happen every day but the murders of Ayat seem to ask us to understand differently. We have to think about everything that affects the tendency to commit crime in our youth. Our law enforcement should draw the attention of the government to consider taking any initiative to stop such negative crime serials which are increasing rather than reducing crime and creating challenges for law enforcement”.

Meanwhile, Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) has recovered two dismembered legs of child Alina Islam Ayat, who was cut into six pieces after the murder in EPZ area of Chittagong village.

On Wednesday (November 30) around 2.30 pm, the body was recovered from the side of Sluisgate on Akmal Ali Road under EPZ police station. (UNI)


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