CAA will be implemented once Covid-19 is over: Amit Shah in Bengal

Friday, 6 May 2022 (11:09 IST)
Siliguri: Union Home Minister Amit Shah slammed Mamata Banerjee led TMC government in West Bengal, saying the "cut money" regime has not mended itself even after the people voted it for the third term and vowed that the BJP would continue carrying out movement until the regime was uprooted in the state.

Addressing a rally at the Railway Institute ground near here, Shah also accused the TMC government of spreading canard against the CAA and said the act would be implemented once the Covid-19 was over.

He claimed that the " Mamata Banerjee government's opposition to the implementation of CAA is on the ground that the TMC wants infiltration in Bengal but we are committed to checking this and introducing CAA once the pandemic is over."

"We will implement the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) on the ground the moment Covid-19 wave ends," the Union Home minister said.

“Mamata Didi wants infiltration...CAA was, is and will be a reality," Shah iterated.

The CAA, which was enacted in 2019 but is yet to be implemented, aims to grant citizenship to those members of the Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi and Christian communities who faced persecution in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Shah said the BJP would not cow down even if its party workers were attacked by the ruling TMC and vowed to uproot the tyrannical regime and restore democracy in the state.

" We thought the Ma-Mati-Manush- government would mend itself after the people mandated for the third time but that was not as the same "syndicate, cut money, threats, intimidation, corruption and attacks on the BJP supporters continued," Shah claimed.

He also claimed that recent Human Rights observation said in Bengal there was no rule of law but "Law of the rulers" prevailed.

Shah also listed that over 100 BJP workers were killed in the past one year, and over 181 cases of crimes happened during the year. Of these the court directed the probe agency to investigate 64 rape cases and 52 murder cases in the state.

"We hoped the government here would rectify herself after being voted to power for the third time. We waited for an entire year for her to rectify herself, but she didn't change. It is the ruler's law that prevails in the state," Shah claimed.

"I come here after one year to greet the people for their huge support electing 77 MLAs in 2021 from only 3 in 2016," Shah told the rally.

The Union home minister claimed that the government here was misleading the Gorkhas for vested political interests.

"Didi has always misled the Gorkha brothers and sisters. I have come today to tell them that if there is one party that thinks in the interest of Gorkhas, it is the BJP," he said.

"We have given assurance that a permanent political solution to all problems will be found within the limits of the Constitution," he added. (UNI)

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