Odd-even drive commences in Delhi; to continue till Nov 15

Monday, 4 November 2019 (12:33 IST)
New Delhi: With a view to bring down levels of air pollution, the 12-day long Odd-even drive in the national capital commenced at 0800 hrs on Monday.The Odd-even scheme which commenced today, will be implemented in the national capital till November 15.
According to the scheme, the vehicles which are having odd last digit in registration number will be allowed on city roads on add dates, while those vehicles having even last digit in registration number will be allowed on those dates having even number. 
The scheme will be applicable from 0800 hrs to 2000 hrs, except on Sundays and violating the odd-even scheme will incur a fine of Rs 4,000. The scheme will also include vehicles coming from other states, and only be implemented on non-transport four-wheeled vehicles, two-wheelers will be exempted.
The Delhi Chief Minister and Ministers will not be exempted from the scheme.President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Governors, CJI, Speaker of Lok Sabha, vehicles of  Union Ministers, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha Leaders of Opposition, Vehicles of Chief Ministers of States and UTs, will be exempted from odd-even scheme.
Vehicles of Supreme Court Judges, UPSC Chairperson, Chief Election Commissioner, Election 
Commissioners, CAG, Deputy Chairman Rajya Sabha, Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha, Lt Governor of Delhi, Judges of Delhi High Court, Lokayukta and emergency services will be exempted.
Keeping in view the implementation of the Odd Even scheme, the Delhi government has also directed the cab operators and autorickshaw drivers to operate without surge pricing and strictly take money as per the meter, respectively.
DMRC will conduct 61 additional trips daily and a total of 5,100 trips through 294 trains. It will display electronic messages on the odd-even scheme at various metro stations. To ensure the smooth functioning of all the metro lines and trains, 35 teams will be deployed at all the major metro stations besides additional manpower to manage the ticketing system due to the increasing inflow of people during the odd-even drive.
The most significant measure, however, has been taken by the Delhi Transport Corporation, in which 2,000 additional buses will be engaged for the public commute.
The number of buses deployed has been increased by 1,500 from the last odd-even implementation, where it was running 500 extra buses in 2017. All cluster buses will also  be deployed along with the entire fleet of DTC buses.(UNI)

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