Roof of Ayodhya Ram temple leaks after first rain, claims Chief Priest


Tuesday, 25 June 2024 (10:26 IST)
Ayodhya (UP): The roof of the temple of Lord Ram being constructed at Ramjanmabhoomi in Ayodhya, has started leaking in the first rain itself, the Chief Priest of the temple claimed on Monday.
Chief Priest Satyendra Das said that the construction of the grand and divine Ram temple is going on, but except for the sanctum sanctorum, water is dripping at the place where devotees visit. Water has started dripping in the first rain of the first monsoon in Ayodhya. The leakage of water from the roof is surprising, as renowned engineers in the country are engaged in the construction of Ram Temple, he said.
He said that devotees have also been hurt by the water dripping from the roof of the temple. He said that due to negligence in the construction of the temple, which was built with trillions of rupees, water is dripping from the same place where devotees visit Ram Lalla before the sanctum sanctorum.
Das said that on Sunday night it rained very heavily, due to which water gradually collected in front of the sanctum sanctorum where devotees take darshan of Ram Lalla, which was later cleaned. He said that water had collected at the place where VIPs take darshan as well, and after a lot of effort, the rainwater was removed from there.

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