After 20 days, one more dacoity in train in Aurangabad, women's jewellery robbed at tip of knives

Friday, 22 April 2022 (14:20 IST)
Aurangabad: Eight to ten robbers carried out a robbery in Devagiri Express near Daulatabad-Potul railway station. The incident occurred Thursday night as the Devgiri Express was moving to Mumbai.

The robbers first covered the signal with clothes, and pelted stones and stopped the train. At the tip of knives, snatched women's jewellery in S5 and S9 Coaches for about half an hour.

Due to this sudden robbery incident, panic spread among the people traveling in the train. As soon as passengers came to know about the incident, they immediately closed the doors and windows of their coaches and saved themselves.

This is the second consecutive incident in the last few days. Twenty days ago, at the same place, passengers were beaten up and robbed by stopping the train in a similar manner.

At present, the police investigation has been started. (UNI)

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