Kashmiriyat: Muslims help perform last rites of 2 Kashmiri Pandit women in Kulgam

Sunday, 11 July 2021 (21:52 IST)
Srinagar: In yet another heartwarming example of Kashmiriyat, Muslims in a village in south Kashmir district of Kulgam helped perform last rites of two Kashmiri pandit women on Sunday.

According to reports, as soon as the news of the death of Kaushali Devi and Chand Rani spread in a village in Kulgam, members of Muslim community came together to help in performing the last rites. The locals made all the arrangements for the funerals of the deceased in accordance with Hindu customs.

The members from the Muslim community came in large numbers from their respective residences to condole the demise of the elderly women. The families of the deceased are one of the many Kashmiri pundit families that didn’t migrate in the 1990s, but opted to stay in their native villages in the valley.

This is not the first time that Muslims in the valley have helped perform the last rites of Kashmiri Pandits, who stayed back. (UNI)

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