Here's HOW to keep milk safe in summer

Thursday, 17 March 2022 (18:28 IST)
Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala's leading milk supplier Milma has issued a set of suggestions for its customers, especially household consumers, for proper storage and use of milk to avoid it getting spoilt with the temperature soaring in summers.

As per the guidelines issued by Kerala State Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (KCMMF), known by the brand name Milma, the milk sachet has to be kept in refrigerator, preferably in 4-5 degree Celsius, till being taken out for use, to avoid spoilage, a statement here said.

Consumers should take care to buy only milk that is kept in cold storage in proper conditions at the sales outlets and it is necessary to keep it in refrigerator once it is brought home.

While traveling, it is not advisable to keep milk sachets for long time in air-tight plastic covers and bags.

After taking out the necessary quantity of milk for use, put the rest immediately back in the refrigerator as exposure to atmospheric temperature would spoil it.

It is also suggested that milk need not be kept in the refrigerator's freezer.

Puff boxes and gel packs can be used for storing milk sachets in certain emergency situations.

Since germs grow rapidly in atmospheric temperature, proper hygiene is essential while handling milk.

If the milk is found to have unusual odour, taste or fluidity, its use should be avoided. (UNI)

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