Shoes worth Rs 6,000 stolen from outside British diplomat’s home, Mumbai Police on its hunt

Sunday, 1 October 2023 (11:49 IST)
Mumbai: A case of shoe theft has been reported by a British diplomat at Bandra police station on September 27.
The complaint was filed by David Matthew, who lost a new pair of sports shoes he had bought for his son, only to discover that they had been stolen from outside his residence, officials said on Saturday.
A case has been registered against an unidentified individual under section 379 (theft) of Indian Penal Code at Bandra police station.
According to the FIR, David Matthew (51), a British diplomat, has been residing at Boni Casa building on Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Road near HSBC Bank in Bandra-West with his wife and son for the past year.
Recently, he purchased a pair of Adidas Astorrun shoes worth Rs 5,999 for his son Alex from Jio World Mall.
Matthew paid the bill using his Revolut Bank Debit card. Alex had worn the shoes just once and placed them on the shoe rack outside their residence.
On September 26, at 1500 hours, Alex needed to go out, so he went to the shoe rack to put on his shoes, only to discover that they were missing. Both David and his son searched extensively for the shoes but were unable to locate them.
Finally, David decided to file a police report about the incident. (UNI)
(Photo: Adidas)

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