Hockey India enters the world of Metaverse, launches 'Hockeyverse'

Tuesday, 10 January 2023 (03:13 IST)
Bhubaneswar: Embracing the latest tech buzzword, Hockey India becomes the first National Sports Federation to enter the world of metaverse.
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On Monday, only days prior to the FIH Odisha Hockey Men's World Cup 2023 Bhubaneswar-Rourkela, Hockey India launched the 'Hockeyverse' on their social media platforms.
'Hockeyverse' will provide a new virtual experience where global hockey fans can visit and experience their favourite sport from the comfort of their home, on their personal computer. Upon entering the 'Hockeyverse' URL in a browser they are welcomed to the 'hockeyverse' virtual world page.
Fans can then enter their name, email address and then select their virtual Avatar’s gender between male avatar and female avatar. Then they should click on ‘Enter Hockeyverse’ button. Once they are in, the Hockeyverse can be explored by fans using their keyboard and mouse.
The 'Hockeyverse' features unique attractions such as replica of the newly built Birsa Munda Hockey Stadium, there is also The Time Machine which is uniquely designed based on time travel elements, this building just outside the main entrance of the stadium has 2 rooms, consisting of a brief history of Indian Hockey’s achievements so far and their current achievements.
Fans can also use the Photo Booth feature where they can take selfies with players, there is also The Trophy Room and The Team Room where fans are welcomed by Hockey India’s key players and they can have a glimpse of how their team room would look like.
Apart from this, fans would be forwarded to the site where they can buy their favourite hockey merchandise.
Speaking about this new and innovative addition to Hockey India's efforts of promoting the mega event in the country as well as globally, Bholanath Singh, Secretary General of Hockey India said, "Hockey India has taken a giant leap into the future with this innovative initiative of launching the Hockeyverse which is a great way to get people, particularly youngsters, engaged and excited about hockey. This new metaverse platform is immersive and interactive and those who can't be here in Rourkela and Bhubaneswar to experience the best of world hockey can use this platform to connect with the event and enjoy it." (UNI)

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