IIT Bombay imposes Rs 1.2 lakh penalty on student involved in derogatory Ramayana skit (VIDEO)


Thursday, 20 June 2024 (16:15 IST)
Mumbai: Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay has sparked controversy by issuing a penalty notice amounting to Rs 1.2 lakh on a student involved in a play titled "Raahovan", which allegedly portrayed Bhagwan Ram and Sita in a derogatory manner.
This disciplinary action follows objections raised by some students who deemed the play disrespectful to Hinduism and its revered figures.
The incident occurred during the institute’s Performing Arts Festival held in March this year, where the play "Raahovan" was showcased.

Sources indicate that the play's content led to protests among a section of students, prompting IIT Bombay to investigate the matter.
As a result, the institute has penalized at least eight students, including the imposition of fines on some, although specific details regarding the nature of disciplinary actions against others remain undisclosed.
The Rs 1.2 lakh fine imposed on one student has drawn attention due to its equivalence to the fees chargeable for a semester at the prestigious institution. This financial penalty signifies a significant punitive measure by the institute, signaling its stance on maintaining decorum and sensitivity in cultural and religious representations within its campus activities.
Despite requests for clarification, an IIT Bombay spokesperson declined to comment on the issue.
The controversy surrounding the play "Raahovan" reflects ongoing debates regarding artistic freedom, religious sentiments, and the responsibilities of educational institutions in fostering a respectful environment.

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