Manali shocker! Haryana man kills Bhopal girlfriend after argument, stuffs her body in suitcase, arrested

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Friday, 17 May 2024 (10:59 IST)
Shimla: In the tranquil tourist destination of Manali, a disturbing incident shook the community after the wrapped body of a woman was discovered in a suitcase, with the accused apprehended despite his attempt to flee.
Authorities, led by Police Chief Dr. Gokulchandran Karthikeyan, launched an investigation into the blind murder, despite challenges such as malfunctioning of the hotel CCTV.
The discovery was made when hotel staff grew suspicious of the weight of a bag being loaded into a taxi by hotel staff, leading to the grim revelation.
As the investigation unfolded, it was revealed that the couple had checked into a hospitality unit on Gompa Road, where the accused was identified through preliminary Aadhar verification as Vinod Thakur (23) from Haryana.
He was arrested for murdering his companion, Sheetal, from Madhya Pradesh.

The duo had checked into the hotel three days ago.
Eyewitnesses recalled the suspicious activity of Thakur as he attempted to flee, prompting the intervention of law enforcement authorities, culminating in his arrest in Jhiri, Haryana.

According to the police, the accused strangled the woman following a verbal altercation in their room on Tuesday.

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