Seema Haider visited Pakistani Army training centres, can hack gadgets, audio makes huge revelation

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Wednesday, 15 May 2024 (11:29 IST)
A new audio has surfaced regarding Pakistani national Seema Haider, who allegedly crossed over to India with her four children illegally in 2023 to be with her lover.

A close associate has revealed startling information about Seema Haider, who currently resides in Greater Noida with her husband Sachin Meena and her children.

In this audio, the man was talking to Momim Malik, Seema's Pakistan-based husband Ghulam Haider's lawyer in India.

According to him, Seema Haider often visited her uncle Ghulam Akbar, who is an instructor at a training centre of the Pakistani Army. She used to visit him alone and stay there for 8-10 days. A rickshawwala used to take him to her uncle and now he is missing.

He also claimed that Seema is technically very sound and can easily hack any gadget. She even continued using TikTok despite it being banned.

While Seema claims to have played PUBG with Sachin Meena, the man claims she has no knowledge of the game.

The man also stated that she brought her children purposely with her anticipating the possibility of being caught. When she was caught by police while crossing the border, she deliberately made her eldest daughter vomit by putting fingers into her mouth to avoid interrogation.

Momin Malik, said, "Looking at the statement given by the Seema’s associate, Haider is a big threat to the internal security of India."

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