Whither The Moon

Col. Inderesh Kumar Jain (R)

Sunday, 27 August 2023 (13:02 IST)
I am a little discombobulated (for want of a better word). The last few days, leading on to the buildup for Chandrayaan’s touch down on the lunar surface, also saw the germination of a ‘slugfest’ of epic proportions, which to a large extent woefully lacks the essence of reality and  at times is somewhat ill informed.

It must be appreciated that the very fact that Chandrayan has had a copybook(flawless) landing; speaks volumes for the dedication, conscientiousness, meticulous and exacting application; I have run out of superlatives for Team ISRO, and the stupendous achievement after heartbreak and setbacks earlier.

This insidious rhetoric which has erupted bodes ill for all of us and when we match this with the goings on in ‘House of the People’, with often very vacuous exchanges and the disorder and breakdown of procedure, and the apparent lack of concluding the business of governance; makes one wonder that if this is the new normal, where are we headed, to the moon or elsewhere?

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