BJP lambastes International Film Festival jury for remarks against Kashmir Files, demands public apology

Sunday, 4 December 2022 (22:14 IST)
Hyderabad: BJP national general secretary, Tarun Chugh, who is party in-charge of J&K, on Sunday described the movie Kashmir Files as a historic cinema expression and lambasted the International Film Festival jury for passing negative remarks about it.

In a media statement, Chugh said those who termed Kashmir Files movie as vulgar are suffering from mental frustration.

"It was real and tragic too which happened with our Kashmiri Pandit brethren. Those termed the movie as vulgar are suffering from mental frustration", Chugh said.

He said entire world came to know about this tragic and heart wrenching incident after 32 years. He also said that truth cannot be concealed.

"Be it genocide carried out by Hitler against Jews; genocide of Sikhs in India by Congress or genocide of KPs in Kashmir by Pakistan, truth cannot be concealed for long. It has to be exposed", Chugh said.

Telling 'Kashmir Files' a vulgar is ashameless and insensitive! It was a massacre which was hidden & our country has seen the truth through this film. This painful truth cannot be denied nor forgotten. Any kind of massacre in the history is unpardonable!

— Tarun Chugh (@tarunchughbjp) December 4, 2022

He said those comments on the judgement passed by Israeli native judge are "sick" and "ill minded" and those condemning Kasmir Files owe a public apology.

"BJP is a patriotic party and works for the betterment of poor people. Sab Ka Sath Sab Ka Vikas is our agenda and we will make the country to prosper with the help of this agenda", Chugh added. (UNI)

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