Film 'The Kerala Story' reached SC, plea seeks stay of the controversial film, SC declines to hear immediately

Tuesday, 2 May 2023 (14:54 IST)
New Delhi: Supreme Court on Tuesday refused to immediately hear a plea to stay the release of controversial movie, "The Kerala Story."
The plea sought urgent hearing, before the Supreme Court, citing that it promotes hate speech.
A two-judge bench of the Supreme Court, headed by Justice K M Joseph, asked the petitioners to, however, approach the appropriate forum since the movie has gone through a process of certification by the censor board.
The film, The Kerala Story, is slated to be released across theatres on May 5.
Advocate Nizam Pasha, mentioned the matter before Supreme Court bench, heaed by Justice K M Joseph, saying that this plea is relating to upcoming film The Kerala Story and sought immediate hearing of it.
"It promotes hate speech. This is the worst instance of hate speech. This is audio-visual propaganda. Don't have time for any other remedy." Pasha told the Supreme Court.
Justice Joseph, however, refused to give an urgent hearing and asked, the petitoner, to approach the High Cour first.
"Why don’t you move the High Court first?” the Top Court asked the petitioner, and added that a board had certified it, through a process.
The Apex Court asked the petitoner, Pasha, to file a sparate petition in the matter. It also added that the concerned High Court should have been moved first by the petitioner.
"We cannot tag it. Why don't you move the concerned High Court first. See a board has certified it through a process," Justice Joseph remarked.
Lawyer, Pasha, mentioned that the trailer of the film has already has 16 million views. By tomorrow we will file a substantial Petition.
The bench then asked Pasha, it should have been mentioned before the Chief Justice of India (CJI) Court first.
"You cannot come directly here always," said Justice B V Nagarathna, the other judge in the bench of the Supreme Court, said. (UNI)

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