Singer Neha Kakkar shares much about music & Indian Idol 2020 in a candid talk

Thursday, 26 November 2020 (18:18 IST)
The name who has been the talk of the town among modern-day singers is definitely Neha Kakkar. In a tête-à-tête, Neha Kakkar spilled the beans on various topics from music to the reality show Indian Idol 2020.
What are the aspects we should expect this year on Indian Idol Season 20-20?
Neha: A lot of those people who could never audition earlier for various reasons have given it a shot to a TV reality show for the first time because the auditions were happening online. Every contestant is unique and different. The audience would enjoy themselves listening to different kinds of contestants that we have got for this season from around the nation.
Ab Mausam Phir Hoga Awesome, Indian Idol ke Saath. What is the concept behind this thought?
Neha: The show started amid the Covid-19 pandemic, which has caused a lot of suffering. Indian Idol gave an opportunity to everyone to audition from the comfort of their homes. This was a step towards bringing something positive in everyone's lives. Right from a teenager to a senior citizen, anyone could take part in Indian idol 20-20 by uploading a video. This year, too many tragedies in the world have occurred. So, we like to believe that this show has brought in a wave of happiness because music makes everyone happy. In the current situation when the overall mood of the nation is grim, especially owing to the pandemic, we are confident that music will once again change and uplift the mood of the nation and insti;l hope and positivity with the launch of the new season of Indian Idol.

Tell us something about this year’s contestants. What did you like about them during the auditions?
Neha: Auditions are always fun. India has so much raw talent. It is refreshing to see various people from different parts of India coming and showcasing their talent on such a huge platform. They are not just different from one another in terms of personality, but have a variety of musical genres to offer. Needless to say, it is very interesting to watch them sing, and every year, the selection process of choosing the best from an amazing lot of talent, becomes tougher. To pinpoint a few contestants who were outstanding… there is a puppet maker Sawai, whose singing reflects Rajasthani culture, and there’s our youngest contestant who is only 14 years old, but sings like a professional. There are many such great voices
Would you like to highlight any interesting stories or incidents which you heard from the singers during the auditions?
Neha: Every story I've heard is so inspiring and worth listening to. Everyone has their share of struggles, and these only make the show more real, so much more interesting and relatable. There are many contestants whose stories are interesting. We have got a national level Taekwondo player to a person who left his job for Indian Idol to a Covid-19 warrior and more

Last season, everyone saw your rapport and chemistry with your co-judges, and it lent a fun flavor to the show. What new would the audience see this season when it comes to the camaraderie that the three of you share?
Neha: We have become one big happy family. With each passing year, we are getting to know each other better, and that translates into beautiful chemistry on screen. The three of us always have a blast while shooting and I really love shooting with them.
What are the precautionary measures that you and the production team have taken during the show’s shooting? And due to pandemic, what will be different on the set of Indian Idol 20-20?
Neha: All precautionary measures are being taken care of. Hygiene and social distancing is being maintained with minimum crew and staff on set. This time they don't have an audience, which I miss the most. The set is quieter this time around. But we all know how important it is to take all the precautions and we all are following it.
You have recently got married. Give us a sneak peek into your love story with Rohanpreet?
Neha: I met Rohu for the first time during our Nehu Da Vyah shoot. My first impression of him was that he was extremely good to every person on the set. Obviously, we cannot deny the fact that he is super cute. In fact, he's the cutest boy I've ever come across. The attraction was strong. This is when I knew he is the one for me. I did not realize when he proposed to me and when we got married. Time just flew by!
How are you balancing life as a newly-wed and your work commitments?
Neha: As of now I am on a break. So I am relaxing and unwinding. But I'm sure I'll be able to maintain a healthy balance between the two since life is all about multi-tasking.
How different is your look on the show this time when compared to the previous seasons?
Neha: I prefer wearing comfortable clothes. That is always my priority. However, my looks will be something the audiences have not seen before. So watch out.
Is there any special message that you would like to share for the contestants?Neha: Be focused and consistent. Don't lose confidence. Try and enjoy the entire process. You might just win. This is a lifetime opportunity, and make as much as you can make from it.
Stay tuned as Sony Entertainment Television brings to you season 12 of Indian Idol 2020 – “Ab Mausam Phir Hoga Awesome”, from 28th November, 8 pm onwards. #IndianIdol2020

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