Audi to enter Formula One in 2026

Friday, 26 August 2022 (14:49 IST)
Audi, Volkswagen's premium brand, is entering Formula One from the beginning of the 2026 season, the German carmaker said on Friday.

It remains unclear if the manufacturer will merely act as an engine supplier or run its own team like Mercedes, with the latter also responsible for the design of the chassis.

"I want to officially announce that Audi has officially registered as PU (power unit) Formula One manufacturer. So in 2026, we will start racing in F1,'' Audi chief executive Markus Duesmann said at the Belgian Grand Prix, which takes place over the coming weekend.

Why is Audi keen to join F1?

"Racing, motorsport is in the DNA of Audi," Duesmann said. "If you think of Le Mans and Dakar, we have always been very successful."

The automotive manufacturer headquartered in Bavaria said a motivating factor was F1's aim of becoming carbon-neutral by 2030, including new technical rules focused on greater electrification and sustainable fuels that apply from 2026.

"It's perfect timing with the rule changes for us to enter F1," Duesmann added.

More rings are coming. Watch this space...#Audi #news #automotive #FutureIsAnAttitude

— Audi Sport (@audisport) August 26, 2022

"More rings are coming. Watch this space," Audi Sport teased on Twitter with a darkened image of a racing car, before adding that the vehicle was no more than a "concept" and not the one that the carmaker will be deploying in 2026.

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