VIDEO: Israel releases footage of tunnel in Gaza where 20 hostages were held


Monday, 22 January 2024 (17:04 IST)
The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has released footage of tunnels where it says hostages were kept in Gaza's second-largest city, Khan Younis.
The footage showed squalid conditions in which the IDF said the hostages were being held. 
The tunnel was about 830 meters (just over 2,700 feet) long and about 20 meters deep, the IDF said.
"We cannot and will not rest knowing innocent civilians are being held in compounds like this one. We will not stop operating until we bring the hostages home," it added.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is under renewed pressure to secure the return of the hostages and account for security failings surrounding the October 7 attacks.
Relatives of hostages and their supporters rallied near Netanyahu's home over the weekend to call for more to be done to bring the hostages back.
Hamas militants also seized about 250 hostages in the October 7 attacks, and Israel has said around 132 remain in besieged Gaza.
Hamas is listed as a terrorist organization in the United States and the European Union, as well as Israel and in some other states.

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