Bollywood movies based on the backdrop of Kargil War

Monday, 26 July 2021 (11:39 IST)
26 July is celebrated as Kargil Day. It is known to one and all how the Indian Jawans raised the tricolor glory by putting their lives at stake.
Filmmakers have made several films on the valor shown on the battlefield and the subsequent impact. The war and its consequences, especially in Hollywood are underscored with subtlety through films.
Bollywood filmmakers have definitely been immature in this regard. There is so much dramatization in the war movies which seem to be fake. Director JP Dutta has made a film on the Kargil war. Apart from this, Kargil war is also depicted in few of the movies.
1- LOC Kargil (2003)

Encouraged by the success of the war film 'Border', filmmaker JP Dutta made a multistar movie 'LOC: Kargil' which was released four years after the Kargil War. It was not easy to merge Kargil war into the film and JP Dutta took 255 minutes to say his point, This is the reason it failed to make an impact on Box office. After the running time, it is India's longest film.

2) Dhoop (2003)

The film's  connection to Kargil War is of a slightly different kind. It is shown how the family of a soldier martyred in this war has to fight the corrupt system. Captain Anuj Nayyar was martyred on 5 July 1999 at the Battle of Tiger Hill in Kargil War. It was announced by the government to give his family a petrol pump as a compensation. The film depicts how the martyr's father faced bureocracy . Om Puri and Revathi's impeccable acting is worth watching. The film was well received by critics.

3 Stumped (2003)

As per Bollywood sources, Raveena Tandon has spent three days with the Kargil War fighting soldiers and that inspired her to make this film. The film takes us down the memory lane of 1999. When Soldiers were battling it out in Kargil War While on the other hand Team India was playing ICC cricket World Cup. The Raveena Tandon's  husband went to fight war and was missing. Salman Khan and Sachin Tendulkar also appeared in the film. The film failed to make an impact due to poor direction.

4 Lakshya (2004)

Directed by Farhan Akhtar, 'Lakshya' is a film based on the story of a young man who is aimless. The film depicts the journey of a lousy young man transformed into an agile army officer. The film features Kargil War in a backdrop with the character being fictional. The film did not perform well when it was released, but it was well received on television .  Besides, it  is also considered one of the finest films of Hrithik Roshan's career .

5 Tango Charlie (2005)

In Tango Charlie it is shown that true soldiers are not born, they simply become. The film focuses on the harsh experience in the so-called war of a newly appointed soldier in the Indian Border Security Force. The film also depicts the encounter of the north-eastern state of Bodo faction, the Naxalites in Andhra Pradesh, the communal violence in Gujarat. The last segment of the film is the Kargil War. The final background voice of the film says - Jung is the last destination of any civilization, war is meaningless and life is very precious.

6 Mausam (2011)

The story of the "Mausam" spans from 1992 to 2002 i.e. ten years. During this time, the film has also included major incidents like Demolition of Babri Masjid, Mumbai riots, 1993 Mumbai blasts, Kargil war and 9/11 attack. It is the love story of an Indian Air Force officer who gets summoned for the Kargil war before the engagement.

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