After threatening with ‘Neha Hiremath’s fate’, youth stabs 20-yr-old Anjali to death in Hubballi, arrested

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Friday, 17 May 2024 (13:14 IST)
Hubballi: Karnataka police have arrested Girish alias Vishwa, the prime suspect in the murder of 20-year-old Anjali at her residence here in the city.
The arrest comes days after the brutal incident, which occurred when Anjali rejected Girish's proposal, leading to her being fatally stabbed.

According to the victim’s family, Vishwa had previously threatened Anjali with a fate similar to Neha's if she did not reciprocate his advances.
The attack occurred around 5:30 am in the Veerapura Oni area, under the jurisdiction of the Bendigeri police station on Wednesday morning.
The assailant reportedly barged into Anjali’s house while she was sleeping and attacked her with a knife. Despite desperate efforts by her family to intervene, Vishwa managed to fatally stab Anjali before fleeing the scene, police said.
Witnesses, including Anjali’s grandmother and two sisters, recounted the horrifying details of the assault. Vishwa allegedly dragged Anjali through the house, kicking and stabbing her repeatedly, before pushing her into the kitchen where he delivered the fatal blows.
According to Hubballi Dharwad Police Commissioner Renuka Sukumar, Girish was apprehended while attempting to flee from Bengaluru to Goa, with plans to eventually reach Mumbai.
Commissioner Sukumar stated, "Accused Girish aka Vishwa has been arrested. He was absconding after stabbing Anjali to death on May 15.
The Commissioner added that Girish sustained severe injuries to his face and head, necessitating medical treatment before he could be fully taken into custody for further investigation.
Girish claimed that Anjali's rejection and subsequent blocking of him enraged him, although this version of events is still under scrutiny by the authorities.
The police have suspended Bendigeri Police Inspector Chandrappa Chickkodi and woman constable Rekha Havreddi on charges of dereliction of duty.
This disciplinary action follows reports that Anjali had previously sought help from the Bendigeri police, who allegedly failed to take appropriate action and sent her back instead. The incident has sparked public outrage and political criticism.
On Thursday, ABVP workers staged a protest near Chennamma Circle in Hubballi, demanding justice for Anjali. BJP leader and former Chief Minister Jagadish Shettar lambasted the Congress government, alleging a collapse of the law and order system in Karnataka.
Shettar called for stringent punishment for Anjali’s killer and condemned the Hubballi police for their alleged inaction and lack of coordination.
The case has drawn parallels to another recent tragedy in Hubballi, where Neha Hiremath, a 23-year-old daughter of a Congress Councillor, was murdered on a college campus by her former classmate. The shocking nature of these incidents has heightened calls for improved security measures and more responsive law enforcement in the region.
As the investigation continues, authorities assure the public that they are committed to bringing justice to Anjali and addressing the systemic issues highlighted by these tragic events.

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