Congress is original, AAP is photocopy and both are partners in crime: PM Modi

Wednesday, 16 February 2022 (16:17 IST)
New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said Congress and Aam Admi Party were partners in crime adding "while the Congress is original, AAP is the photocopy."

"Congress has now also got a 'partner-in-crime' to support it's actions. How much is common between the two parties. When the Ram temple is being built in Ayodhya, the two oppose together. One party pushed Punjab's youth into drugs, the other is making youth of Delhi addicted to alcohol. One party looted Punjab, while the other is involved in scams in Delhi. Congress is the original, the other is the photocopy," he said addressing a rally in Pathankot.

The Prime Minister said both pretend to be against each other despite being 'Ek hi thali ke chatte batte', they are playing fixed fight in Punjab. The PM once again launched attack on Congress leadership claiming it remote controlled governments across India.

"Once the BJP wins, the family that remote controls governments sitting in Delhi fails. That is, where the development came, dynasty ends ! Where peace and security came, there is a farewell to appeasement and corruption," he said.

The PM said, "These are the same people who used their full might to stop the construction of Ram temple."

The PM also accused the Congress for failing to keep Kartarpur corridor within the Indian territory. "When the country was partitioned, Congress was in power. Did they not understand enough that the tapobhoomi of Guru Nanak Dev ji, located 6 km from the border, should be kept in India? The Congress people have sinned, crushed our emotions," he said.

He further said the Congress missed another chance. "In the 1965 war, the Indian army was advancing fast. If we had gone a little two steps further, we would have had the tapobhoomi of Guru Nanak Dev ji," he said. "During Bangladesh war, 90000 Pak soldiers bowed down before the Indian Army, if the government in Delhi had the guts, it would have said they would be released only in exchange of the tapobhoomi of Guru Nanak Dev ji," the Prime Minister said adding "Congress lost three chances."

The PM accused the Congress of doubting the valour of Indian Army jawans during surgical strike in PoK and asked "Can such people provide security to a border state like Punjab."

The PM paid tributes to Guru Ravidas and linked government schemes like free ration and free vaccine during COVID with the teachings of Guru Ravidas. Ravidas said 'I want a king who would provide food for all in his kingdom', our government is also providing free food and vaccine during the pandemic, the PM said.

In his address, Modi promised to give a Nawa Punjab based on the teachings of the Gurus. (UNI)

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