Even a united opposition can't dethrone BJP in 2019:Amit Shah

Friday, 13 July 2018 (11:30 IST)
Patna: BJP president Amit Shah today claimed that his party would win the next Lok Sabha elections even if the opposition united as their 'discomfort' under the honest rule of the PM was not hidden from the people.
Mr Shah while addressing a meeting of his party leaders and workers here, said that opposition parties were feeling nervous over the growing mass base of BJP across the country and it was coming into power in one state after the other since Narendra Modi government was voted to power in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. 
Performance of the present dispensation at the Centre and honesty of Prime Minister Mr Modi had immensely helped in winning the trust of the people across the country, he added.
"BJP is now in power in Tripura and other states in North East, which was unthinkable few years back,"BJP president said, adding that such kind of growth of his party under the leadership of Mr Modi had shaken opposition parties who were losing one state after the other in the hands of BJP and its allies.
Mr Shah said that the attempt of opposition parties to get united in such a prevailing political scenario had sent the strong message that those having tainted track records and involvement in corrupt practices were coming together, just to derail the growth of the country under the honest and efficient leadership of Mr Modi. It was like old saying, "when thieves start uniting, one should understand that king is honest," he quipped.(UNI)

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