Mumbai Police issue prohibitory orders, bans public gatherings till June 11

Monday, 29 May 2023 (18:11 IST)
Mumbai: Mumbai Police on Monday issued prohibitory orders till June 11 restricting the movement and unlawful assembly of five or more persons in anticipation of a breach of peace, disturbance to public tranquillity and danger to human lives said Mumbai police in a statement.
The order was issued by DCP for Operations, Vishal Thakur, who in its order stated that police believe there is a serious threat to human lives and property loss and that there is a likelihood of a breach of peace and disturbance of public tranquilly based on the information they have received from various sources.
Mumbai Police provided more information, stating that it is a standard preventive order that is issued on a regular basis.
According to the order, an assembly of 5 or more people in public, any processions by the public and any use of loudspeakers, amplifiers, bands, and bursting of crackers is restricted.
On the other hand marriage ceremonies and other related functions, processions for funerals gatherings at crematoriums and/or burial places, meetings required by law for businesses, groups, and cooperative societies, and meetings near or inside movie theatres are allowed. (UNI)

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