Operation Kaveri: 3,195 Indians evacuated; Indian Embassy temporarily shifted to Port Sudan

Wednesday, 3 May 2023 (11:21 IST)
New Delhi/Khartoum: India has so far evacuated 3,195 Indians from violence-torn Sudan, ferrying them over 850 km from Khartoum to the Port of Sudan in over 60 buses.

Five Indian Naval Ships and 13 Indian Air Force aircraft have been used in the operation so far, the Indian Embassy in Sudan said giving an overview of Operation Kaveri.
The Embassy, which was shifted temporarily to the Port of Sudan in view of the fighting going on in Khartoum, in a series of tweets said:
“8th day of Operation Kaveri:
“The conflict in Khartoum and other parts of Sudan started on 15th April 2023. Government of India launched ‘Operation Kaveri’ and swiftly stationed Indian Naval Ships and Indian Air Force Aircrafts for evacuation of Indians stranded in Sudan.

“Embassy of India facilitated the first evacuation of Indians in 6 buses on 23rd April 2023 from Khartoum to Port Sudan (850 Km). With the help of Indian Sisters in Comboni School and the Indian community in Port Sudan, Embassy of India established a centre at the Comboni School to accommodate Indians and facilitated evacuation of Indians by air and sea. The first batch of Indians were evacuated in INS Sumedha on 25th April 2023.
“MEA Team arrived at Port Sudan on INS Teg on 25th April 2023 to strengthen the operations. Presently, the Indian School in Port Sudan is being used as the Facilitation Centre, where registration of Indian nationals and transit accommodation for Indians are being provided.
“During the 8 days of Operation Kaveri, so far 3,195 Indians have been evacuated. Embassy of India mobilized and facilitated movement of 62 buses from various parts of Sudan to reach Port Sudan. Embassy of India also facilitated movement of Indians to South Sudan, Egypt, Chad and Djibouti.
“Embassy also guided and assisted in evacuating foreign nationals including Sri Lankans, Nepalese and Bangladeshis.
“So far Indians have moved out of Port Sudan using 5 Indian Naval Ships and 13 Indian Air Force aircrafts including one from Wadi Sayyidna military airbase.”

MEA spokesperson Arindam Bagchi in a tweet said:
“20th batch of evacuees departs from Port Sudan.
IAF C-130J flight with 116 passengers is en route to Jeddah.”

EAM S Jaishankar in a tweet said:
“328 more passengers have landed in New Delhi.

#OperationKaveri moving steadily forward as around 3000 have reached India now.” (UNI)

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