Medical shop owner commits suicide along with wife & 2 kids due to financial crisis!

Monday, 7 June 2021 (17:30 IST)
Shahjahanpur: A medicine trader along with his wife committed suicide after killing their two children in Katra locality in the city on Monday.
Police here said medicine shop owner Akhilesh Gupta, along with wife Rishu and two children were found hanging.A suicide was also found on the table. CO City said that financial crisis has been mentioned in the suicide letter.
The 43-year-old medicine dealer Akhilesh Gupta, his 40-year-old wife Rishu, 12-year-old son Shivang, 6-year-old daughter Abhijeeta were the deceased.On Monday, around 11:30, Milkman came to Akhilesh's house to give milk. Wife Rishu went inside with milk. Then the door was closed.
At around 1.15 pm, a person from the locality went to Akhilesh's house for some work. He saw that the door was slightly open. He gave voice to Akhilesh. After that there was no answer. He had some doubts. Then he brought some more people and entered Akhilesh's house.
The medicine shop was in the groundfloor of the house, and as soon as the people reached second floor, they saw that the bodies of Akhilesh and his wife Rishu were hanging from the ceiling in the lobby. After this, daughter Abhijeeta and son Shivang were found hanging behind in the room.
CO City said that in the suicide letter the cause of death is written due to financial constraints.
Akhilesh was originally a resident of Mohalla Kachcha Katra in Faridpur, Bareilly. For many years he was living in Shahjahanpur. He had just entered the house on Diwali by building his own house. Other members of his family have been called from Faridpur.(UNI) 

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