His name is Khan sir or Amit Singh? Answer revealed in a video

Thursday, 27 May 2021 (23:18 IST)
Popular for his rustic Bihar accent Khan sir from Patna is again a hotcake for media as he is among the top trends again. An uproar over his religious background has started after he uploaded one of his videos describing the international ties of Pakistan and France. (Photo:Screenshot of video shared by Khan GS Research Centre)

In the video, he describes how anti-france protest has gripped Pakistan and even children are made the part of rallies. Pointing fingers towards a picture of a child, Khan sir states "Please study Kid, otherwise, you will make the punctures like your father. He added"If there are 18-19 kids, some will wash utensils, while others will butcher goat and the third one can make punctures.
After this video, #ReportKhansir began trending on Twitter within no time. Many users termed Khan sir as islamophobic. 
Later Twitterati's debated over his religion. Few opined that the person is not Muslim by religion but a Hindu. His real name is Amit Singh. 
The Youtuber aka Khan sir grabbed this topic and produced a video to clarify the uproar over his name. The anchor stated that Khan sir is not his name but his suffix and denied Amit Singh as his name.
However, he didn't reveal his real name to the audience. He said, "I was about to reveal my name but if I do it now, people will term me a coward."
It is to be noted that Khan Sir from Patna teaches general studies to the audience. Due to his accent and different approach, Khan sir became popular on youtube in no time. The official youtube channel of Khan GS Research Center has 9.46 million subscribers. (WD)

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