HORRIFYING! Woman chops boyfriend’s penis off for getting her pregnant again

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Sunday, 19 May 2024 (13:08 IST)
In a horrifying incident, a US woman allegedly chopped her boyfriend’s penis off during an argument and killed him, say police.

The incident took place in Colorado.

The woman claimed that she and the man had previously gotten into an argument because he wouldn't let her go to sleep, and that she had threatened to stab him.

They argued earlier that day over whether he was the baby’s father and she stabbed him in the leg.

She said she was not trying to kill him, but admitted to stabbing him because she was 'so angry'.

She then cut off the man’s penis and threw it in trash bin.

After that, she said she didn’t think the man was in any pain, so she went to a nearby store and bought rubbing alcohol, antibiotics and beer. She said she forgot to buy bandages.

As the day wore on, the man said he felt cold and feared that he might die. She gave him ibuprofen, water and “greens”.

The woman is currently held at the Mesa County Detention Centre and faces second-degree murder charges.

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